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What does the future hold?

Artificial-IntelligenceTechnology presents a great opportunity for the CPA profession. By using technology as a tool, CPAs have opportunities to focus beyond basic tasks, such as data entry and reconciliations and move to focusing on higher level skills of analyzing and interpreting data, and serving in more of an advisory role. There will be challenges, however, because CPAs will not all have the right skills to be data analysts and interpreters. Training programs will need to be developed to overcome the potential skills gap.





Automation and the Future of Accounting
Digital evangelist Dave Bergstein explores the impact of technology on transforming the traditional work of accountants.

How to Run a Tech-Forward Firm
From softball and motherhood to a tech-obsessed accounting professional: Founder of Powerful Accounting Dawn Brolin shares her story of how she started — and continues to grow — her firm.

Yes, Robots Are Taking Your Work (and it’s a good thing)
“Robotic process automation” is in the middle of radically reshaping the way accountants do their work. Armanino’s Lindy Antonelli offers an introduction to RPA and it will mean for the profession in the future.

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