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FLEXPASS Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for courses in the FlexPass?


  • Online
  • In app - for iOS users only!
    • Search FlexPass in App store 
  • By phone - call INCPAS Member Services at 1-800-272-2054


How soon do I have to register for a course using my FlexPass?

You can register until the day before an event; however, we encourage you register early to ensure your seat is reserved.


Is there a deadline to purchase FlexPass?

There is no deadline to purchase FlexPass.


Does FlexPass expire?

Yes! While you can register for events at your leisure, events must take place before January 31, 2020.  Any remaining balance at that time will not be refunded.


Since the CPA Center of Excellence® Online Interactive Courses are competency-based (not hours-based), how can I apply them to the FlexPass?

Simple! We assigned those courses hours for use in this program. You will see in our catalog that the Ethics course is equal to 4 hours and all other courses 8 hours.


Which courses are eligible? 

All INCPAS live seminars, conferences, and CPA Center of Excellence's Online Interactive Courses are eligible. FlexPass excludes any free CPE opportunities, self study and webinars.


Is the FlexPass transferable?

No. FlexPass can only be used by the purchasing individual and cannot be transferred to another individual for use. If a company or organization pays for a member’s FlexPass who subsequently leaves the company, the remaining hours may be transferred to another individual within the firm with no penalty.